Pokémon GO’s advanced features in version 0.31.0

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There are features added to Pokémon Go games, to ensure better playability for the users. On the other hand, instead of exploring the advanced features of the game many game lovers search the internet for Pokemon go hack android software, which will keep them away from enjoying the thrill hidden in the original game.

The Pokémon Go game system is back with different fixes. There is an enormous modification aimed at enhancing the game till date. This time the updates that were made are going to add a lot of significant improvements to the playability of the game and it is clearly shown in how the game app finally runs overall.

Niantic has given much importance to strengthen up the security in order to keep the away from getting assistance from certain external apps. Let us have a look at the major changes being made

  • To avoid overload on servers, Pokémon tracking through footsteps has been removed.
  • Avatar Customization now gives the users the option to change the style of your trainer. You can just tap on the avatar, push button on the lower right and open section that says Customize.
  • Personalized medals are now available with sole icons that helps differentiate them.
  • You can easily transfer the Pokémon with modified transfer button, which lets you transfer them easily without scrolling all the way down.
  • The overall game interface is improved, including switching between sections and using menus.
  • Fights will appear fair and the non-stop jamming of the button will not land you anywhere. The real time damage counters and applications are also modified now.

So with the advanced features added to this version of Pokémon Go, you will not have any problems with the bugs that you may have faced earlier. A much clear and ongoing gaming experience you can get via this version.


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